Monday, June 10, 2013

Grand Teton National Park - Day 14 and 15

The jagged Teton Range sprang up abruptly on the horizon.  Very different from the Rocky's in Colorado.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.  The mountains dominate the landscape.

I stayed at Colter Bay Village Campground (not the RV park) in the National Park.  I can say I was very disappointed in the campground.  Especially since its in the National Park.  Sites were just pull-offs on the side of loop roads.  The bathrooms looked (and smelled) like they hadn't been cleaned in weeks.  It costs $21 per night and you have to pay for showers ($3.75).  The truck stops I've stayed at along the way were nicer.

View from Jackson Lake

Jenny Lake

For me the key points of interests were the Jenny Lake area.  It is by far the prettiest area.  The mountains jut straight up from the lake.  I didn't do any hiking, but lots of folks were taking the boat across the lake to hike the Cascade Valley Trail.  There's also a nice shoreline trail.

Jackson, WY

Also, the town of Jackson at the southern end of the park.  I took a day to go down to check out the town.  What a nice little western town.  I spent 2 hours walking around.  It has its own unique character of western shops, restaurants, and bars.  The grocery store at the southern end of town is excellent.  It had lots of gluten free stuff that I need.  There are grocery stores in the National Park, that are well stocked but pricey.  As is the gas in the park; 10-20cents higher than in Jackson.

I stayed two days and that was sufficient for me.  If you were doing hiking, then a third day might be needed.

Now, north to Yellowstone.

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  1. Great post. We visited the Tetons last September but I have to say your pictures are WAY BETTER than anything I have. Clear views and great colors. Just wait til you get to Yellowstone - your camera will be busy. I'm looking forward to your post so I can relive our visit to YNP.