Thursday, February 13, 2014

Travel & RV Blogs

I enjoy reading blogs from other travelers. Its a great way to see and and hear about other people experiences.  I started reading blogs several years ago when I started using Blogger for my own posting.  I found that there are countless numbers of bloggers using Blogger, Wordpress, or Tumblr writing about their travels, providing technical info, and sharing their experiences.  Its a great way to learn from others about new places and to find some technical info.

I've developed a list of regular blogs that I follow and thought I share the list with others through this blog post.  I enjoy people who are prolific whose intent is on sharing versus marketing products. I also like bloggers who are good writers and photographers. Here's my list.  The highlighted text provides a link to their blogs.
  • Kimbopolo  This is a travel blog from a woman in Alabama who travels in her Roadtrek.  She takes great trips and she's a good writer who does a good job documenting her trips.
  • Interstellar Orchard  This is another travel blog from a woman living full time in her Casita travel trailer.  She is an excellent writer.  I wish I could write half as well as she does.
  • Technomads  This is a technical blog by a couple living full time in a old class A bus.  They have a marketing purpose but provide a lot of good technical information.
  • Geeks on Tour  Another technical blog from a full time couple.  Lots of  marketing and selling but some good info for geeks.
  • Mali Mish  A blog of a young family traveling the country in their Airstream trailer.  They do a very good job documenting interesting destinations and stop overs. 
  • 5C's Que Pasa  A travel blog from a couple from British Columbia who are wintering in Mazatlan.  She a prolific writer documenting her days in Mexico.
  • Winnie Views  A travel blog from a woman traveling in a Winnebago View.  She is also spending the winter in Mazatlan.  She's a good photographer and writer.  She also has some good technical RV info.
  • Gone with the Wynns  A travel and tech blog from a young couple living full time in their class A RV.  They are excellent writers and film producers documenting destinations and RV info.  Very enjoyable and professional quality stuff.
  • A blog from a retired journalist who travels in a Roadtrek.  He's a good photographer and video editor who provides some good video's and short articles on destinations and technical advice. The site has lots of ads and is heavily tilted to marketing info for Roadtrek vans but provides some good info.
Many of these bloggers have links to other blogs that they follow.

Blogs are a great way to learn from others.

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