Saturday, March 29, 2014

Homeward Bound

I hadn't been in Las Vegas for almost 14 years.  At that time, we stayed three days and it was one day too long.  This time, I stayed two days and it was one day too long. 

Sam's Town RV Park

I stayed at Sam's Town RV Park out on Boulder Highway.  The Sam's Town Casino is a large complex and has an RV park on its property.  The RV park has full hook-ups, cable TV, laundry, and a pool.  The spaces are close together but at $24/night its a pretty good deal.  The casino also runs a free shuttle to the Strip several times per day.

I spent my first day at the Sam's Town complex exploring all it had to offer.  The buffet was very good and reasonable ($7.99 for lunch, $10.99 for dinner)  It has a cinema, bowling alley, a large atrium with a water fall, restaurants, and what seems like acres of slot machines.  I tried my luck at the roulette wheel but found my luck was non-existant.

The throng of people outside Paris Casino

On Day two, I ventured out to see the Strip, which was four miles away.  I was brave and drove the RV.  It took lots of focus, but I found a good free sparking space right behind Paris and Bally's with all the other truckers and RV's.  The Strip was mobbed with Spring breakers.  The sidewalks were crammed with people drinking and hucksters every few feet trying to sign you up for some not-so free freebies.  It was uncomfortable just trying to walk two blocks.  After about 1 1/2 hours I escaped back to the RV and took a nap.  I'd had my fill of the Las Vegas for at least another 14 years.

But, I did get to see Elvis.  He's shrunk with age, but the King is alive and well in Vegas.

I now head east and begin the homeward trek.  I've been gone for about 3 months and am anxious to get back to my familiar routines and surroundings.  The weather in some of the areas we planned to visit is still too cold for comfortable camping.  The night time low temps at Grand Canyon Village are still in the mid 20's as is most of northern Arizona and New Mexico.  Too low for me so we'll skip most of the plan for those areas and head for the Texas panhandle.

It will take nine days to get home.  Hope the snow s gone by then.

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