Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Las Cruces, NM

No too much to report from this destination.  We stayed at the Hacienda RV Resort in Las Cruces.  It was a very nice RV park.  We stayed here because of the closeness to Old Mesilla and easy access to the highway. I noticed in Big Bend and more so in Las Cruces the dust that is in the air.  When the wind blows in the desert it picks up dirt and creates a big haze.  It blocks out the views and you can even taste it.  And it gets on everything.  It was pretty bad during our stay in Las Cruces.

We spent an afternoon in Old Mesilla, which is a historic part of town.  It dates back to 1848 and has several small plazas. It also has lots of shops and eateries.  We had some good Mexican food at Andele's.  Most of the structures are low adobe buildings on narrow streets.  Here are some pictures

Street Bench in Old Mesilla

House in Old Mesilla

We also drove up to the White Sands National Monument.  It is quite a sight to see.  The miles of brilliant white dunes.  Its really dramatic.  It looks like snow, but its really gypsum.

J. Dawg at White Sands

The only other noteworthy event was my acquisition of two more hats.  Another cowboy to add to my collection and a Stetson straw fedora.  The cowboy hat had some instant mojo as I got hit on by a lady in a health food store while wearing it.  In addition to looking for food, she was in the market for a real cowboy.

Now onto southern Arizona.

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