Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Parker, AZ

Where the heck is Parker, AZ?  Well, you drive across most of Arizona on I-10 until you come to Quartzsite and then you take a right and go north for about 25 miles.  After we left Tucson, we did just that.

The plan was to spend the night in Quartzsite and check out why it is such a big draw for snowbirds and boon dockers.  But as soon as we got into town, I knew it was not for us.  I already had my fill of the flat hot dusty dry desert from our stays in Las Cruces, Willcox, and Tucson.  Quartzsite was just a flat nondescript place in the desert that was hot-dry-and-dusty on steroids. I would liken it to camping in a gravel pit.  It’s probably great if you want a really cheap place to park your rig for a few months, but IMHO a Walmart parking lot has more going for it than Quartzsite.  With the temperature gauge reading 91, I decided to move on. So, we headed north towards Lake Havasu City and found a nice spot along the Colorado River at Parker. 

La Paz County RV Park

We spent a couple nights at La Paz County RV Park, which sits right on the Colorado River south of the Parker Dam.  The park was huge and still full with lots of snowbirds and spring breakers.  It was an ok park, with water and electricity and the price was right at $22/night.  This section of the Colorado is popular and there are several RV parks along the river.  Its picturesque and its cool along the river.  Most of the RV parks in the area where pricey in the $40-50 per night range but the municipal park worked just fine. I wanted electricity to be able to run the A/C as the temps were in the 90’s for the two days we stayed there.  We took two days because my colitis was flaring up and I needed some downtime to rest.

Colorado River at La Paz County RV Park
A popular river activity

Our friend, Joy from Golden Valley, came down for a visit. She’s one of the Mrs. BFF’s and they needed girl-time so they took off for Joy’s house for a couple days.  It was ok as I need guy time also.  The plan was to meet up in Las Vegas in a few days.

After a rest day, I moseyed on up to Lake Havasu City and spent the afternoon checking out the sights, got a haircut, and spent some time along the lake shore at Lake Havasu State Park.  Lake Havasu is a very nice setting.  There’s plenty to do and see.  Here are some pictures.

London Bridge
Lake Havasu State Park

J. Dawg chillin by the lake
So that’s all that happened in Parker.  Some R&R along the lake and river.  

Next, onto Las Vegas, where two things happen.  We make the turn for home and start heading east.

And, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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