Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New "Green" RV Annoucement

Webegone Industries has just announced a new revolutionary RV that redefines the concept of green camping.  It’s so green, you could call it emerald.  The new Falso is a 26 foot class b+ vehicle built on an carbon reinforced plastic chassis.  The chassis, made from recycled plastic, is extremely light weight and is totally rust resistant.   

The RV is powered by a new 1100 cc engine that uses soda a fuel.  VP of Development, Rhun A. Mukk, said the new V twin dual cylinder engine will actually run on any carbonated fluid but does best on caffeinated beverages like regular Coke or Mountain Dew.  Cans of Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy can be used as a fuel additive to enhance the engine’s performance.  The engine puts out 500 horse power and has 625 ft pounds of torque.  Mr. Mukk stated that Webegone made a breakthrough discovery that allowed it to harness the incredible energy of caffeinated carbonated fluids. “When I saw what it could do to my kids, I asked why can’t we harness that to use in an engine?” said Mr. Mukk.  The new engine is capable of 100 miles per 2 liter bottle.  A simple stop at any convenience store or Walmart is all that’s needed to refuel the 8 liter tank.

The new Falso comes in two floor plans.  The Primo model sleeps 2 with a twin bed configuration that has a dinette and slide out sofa.   The DiLusso model offers the same floor plan as the Primo but adds a second story popup roof, similar to a popup camper, with two additional beds and a sitting area on the second floor.  The DiLusso is great for families with children because the second story really creates a separate room for the kids.

The Falso also has a revolutionary waste tank concept.  The black waste is actually composted and used to fuel a unique heat pump that extracts the heat from the waste and uses it to heat the RV.  While still equipped with a dump mechanism, the use of the heat pump drastically reduces the interval between needing to dump the waste tanks.  Also, with the compost feature, the composted waste can also be used as fertilizer in a garden, if so desired.

The Falso’s body is made of carbon fiber fabricated from shredded plastic shopping bags  It is a one piece monocoque design with no seams.  The carbon fiber is extremely strong and impervious to leaks.  The body carries a 30 yr warranty. The design of the body also employs stealth technology similar that used by the Air Force in its fighter planes.  The stealth technology makes the Falso undetectable on police radar detectors.  While Webegone does not condone speeding, the new stealth feature does allow for insurance discounts from several carriers.

The Falso comes with newly designed solid hard rubber tires made from recycled rubber.  The company that makes the tires, Ebonite, says they are rated for over 100,000 miles before the tread wears out.  

The Falso will be offered with a solar panel option to charge the on board bank of lithium ion batteries.  The battery bank provides 10,000 kw hrs of DC power.  Mr. Mukk said with the battery bank and solar, a person could boondock for a couple weeks before having to charge the batteries.

Webegone President and CEO, Lotta B. Essen, said pricing for the new Falso will be available in June.  Webegone Industries is headquartered at 1313 Yellow Brick Rd,  Emerald City, OZ.

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