Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Juneless Jim's Four Corners Roadtrip

I've been home from our winter road trip for about 5 weeks now.  It's felt good to be stationary for awhile and get back to my home routine.  It took a couple of weeks to get unpacked, get the house resupplied, and things caught up.  Then the work started.  Getting the homestead de-winterized and ready for the summer is a lot of work.  There were vehicles that needed maintenance, the yard had to be cleaned up, lawn furniture had to be cleaned and put back out, yard machines put back in service, flower beads cleaned, mulch to be spread, and the pool opened.  This used to be manageable but at age 60 its now a chore and I'm exhausted.

The RV sits parked in the driveway all cleaned up and ready for a new adventure.  When I'm outside, I can hear it call to me.  "Jim, its almost June.  Lets go", I hear it say.  June is great time to travel and my wife has taken to calling me "Juneless Jim" at this time of the year because I'm usually gone off on a solo road trip during June.

This June's trip will be back out west to see some areas I missed in the spring due to cold weather.  The focal point will be the Four Corners area of the southwest.

The first part has me blasting out to St Louis for a couple of days to take in the city and to see the Cardinals play the Yankees at Busch Stadium (a bucket list item).  From there its out to Kansas to follow parts of the Santa Fe trail and make my way to Durango.

Here's a map of the first part of the trip.

From Durango, its onto Mesa Verde NP, Cortez, Telluride, Monument Valley, Canyon del Chelly NP, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with a resupply stop in Kanab, UT.

From there, I start to mosey on back east heading up to Bryce Canyon NP, Capital Reef NP, and then to Moab, UT. Then its back through Colorado to Cimarron, Colorado Springs and back thru Kansas.

Here's a map of the second part.

Its about a 5 week trip and another 6,500 or so miles. Will post pictures and updates from the road.

Hasta Luego, mis Amigos!

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