Friday, August 29, 2014

Charlestown Breachway - A One Star Campgound at a Five Star Location

The Breachway
The Charlestown Breachway sits on sort of a barrier island on the coast in Charlestown, RI.  It’s at the end of a beachfront road that terminates at the man-made breach cut into the barrier island to facilitate drainage.  Hence the name “Breachway”.

I camped here for one night prior to attending the Rhythm and Roots Music Festival in Charlestown over Labor Day Weekend.  I had a beautiful weather forecast and I wanted to get in a beach day before the end of the summer, so I decided to try out the campground at Charlestown Breachway.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The RV Lifestyle - Adding Purpose to Your RV Travel

"Jim, you've got to do something more than just play when you retire.  If all you do is play, then your play will become like work and you'll dread it."  Those were the words of advice my retired friend, JP gave me when I asked him about his retirement.  It was good advice and I often reflect back on it as I undertake my travels.

These day's I'm spending a lot of my time in retirement traveling the country in my RV.  Being able to travel was my dream for when I retired and it has become one of the main ways of how I spend my time.  Some might label it as "playing", but I try to add purpose to my travels, to enhance the overall experience.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Maine’s Sebago Lake State Park – Lakeside Camping at its Best

Sebago Lake State Park is one of Maine's premier state parks.  It sits on the north shore of Maine’s largest fresh water lake.  Only 30 miles from Portland, Sebago Lake covers over 45 square miles and has over 100 miles of shore line.

The state park is also huge.  It consists of 1,400 acres on the northern shore of the lake right outside the town of Naples.  It has a day use area for picnicking and swimming, a boat ramp, and two camping areas.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The RV Lifestyle - A Chronic Disease Therapy

Everyday, I try to remind myself how fortunate I am.  I'm safe and secure.  I'm not in want of food or shelter.  I'm mobile and can travel.  I have a great supportive family.  But, I also struggle living with an incurable disease that at times causes me a certain amount of suffering.

Four years ago, I got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  Its a disease of the large intestine that causes frequent and urgent loose bowel movements, cramping, discomfort, and bloody diarrhea.  Its a disease that has no known cause and has no cure.  About 2/3 of the people with colitis can manage the symptoms with a life long regiment of drugs.  For the other 1/3, things never settle down.  I'm in between these two groups - most of the mainstream drugs haven't worked for me.  But most of the time my symptoms are moderate and at times, if I'm really strict with my diet, things settle down on their own for a short time.