Thursday, December 11, 2014

Florida Bound - This Snowbird Takes Flight

It's mid December, and this snowbird is about to take flight.  I'm taking off earlier this year.  Why wait?  An adversity to the cold and wanting to avoid the useless waiting in the tundra is reason enough for me to get to a warmer climate.  My snowbird migration takes several weeks of planning and there's always lots of preparation to get done.

This fall I've been busy with doctors appointments, dentist appointments, vehicle maintenance, house maintenance, yard clean up, winterizing tasks, and resupply tasks that all need to get done before this bird "Dawg" can take flight.  Its a lot of work to get ready for a 3 month sojourn, but I'm so glad I can still do it.  Here's my flight route to get to my roosting destination.

Now a days, I take it slow to get to the roost.  It will be four days of driving to get to our final destination of Fort Myers Beach.  We have a two day stop over in Tampa to get the RV serviced at Lazydays RV.  Then we spend 4 days at Siesta Key near Sarasota going thru winter detox - shedding the heavy clothes, learning how to sweat again, sitting on the beach, and watching magnificant sunsets. I really like stopping at Siesta Key to take a pause in a beautiful setting, let the blood warm, and get acclimated to the warm Florida climate and sunshine.

In all prior years, we've spent some of our winter snowbird time in an RV and some time in a rented condo. This will be the first year we spend most of the winter in a 200 sq ft RV.  Hopefully, it works out.  If "we" survive the winter, then In March, we (or me) head west to Texas for a few weeks of roadtripping before coming home in early April.

Stay tuned to this blog for regular updates.  I plan on taking lots of pictures and torturing my northern friends and relatives with pictures of palm trees and beach scenes.

J. Dawg


  1. Looking forward to reading about your adventure living in 200 sqft of space. My wife and I spent the winter in Florida last year in a 34 foot motorhome. However due to family comitments we will be spending the winter in the Northeast. We're looking at downsizing to a winnebago View in an attempt to simplify our travels. I think the View is the perfect travel vehicle.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. I love driving and traveling in our View. This will be our first time living for 3 months in a small 200 sqft. motorhome. It will hopefully make a good story/blog article to write. Stay tuned for trip updates.

    2. I have recently discovered your blog by way of Winnie Views. I am enjoying reading about your various RV's. I do not have an RV as yet, but have a strong desire to do so in the near future. I am really torn between a small travel trailer and a van type, either a Roadtrek 21' Poplar or the View. I am running out of computer juice, so I will end for now.

    3. Barbara,
      Thanks for reading my blog. I never had plans to get an RV, but then I started following some blogs and the lifestyle and adventures really appealed to me. I thought the Class B was the way to go because I wanted to travel and do roadtrips. My Roadtrek 190 was great for that, but then I decided I wanted to linger longer at various places. For me it was too small to live in. I really like my View. We can live in it and its still small enough to take everywhere. Good luck with your selection. There's a lot of blogs out there that will help you. It really gets down to what you want to do and how you want to travel.