Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Siesta Key Revisited

After all the driving and two days of getting the RV serviced, we finally made it to Siesta Key.  Our short stay was at Turtle Beach Campground at the southern end of Siesta Key near Midnight Pass.  We’ve stayed at this small municipal campground before.  It has only 40 sites and can’t accommodate big rigs or 5th wheels, but it’s perfect for small trailers and motor homes.  It’s also perfect because it’s right on the beach.
Turtle Beach is about 2 1/2 miles south of the world famous Siesta Key Beach, rated as one the the US's best beaches.  Siesta Key Beach is nice with its wide and brilliant white gypsum based sand.  It also gets most of the people.  Turtle Beach is not as big and tends to have very few people.  Our camper is about 100 steps away from the beach and the sunsets here can be spectacular.

Campsite 12 at Turtle Beach
It felt so good to be back in summer like weather again.  Days were brilliantly sunny with the mid day sun warm on the skin.  Temps in the low 70’s – nice enough to sit on the beach and get in a couple of bike rides.  Shorts and tee shirts were the clothes to wear.  Jackets and long pants were needed at night as the temps cooled down into the high 40’s.

December is the slow season here in Florida as the majority of the snowbirds have yet to arrive.  The campground was only about 1/3 full as were the restaurants and stores.  
Here are some pictures of our stay.  After three days, it was time to move on down to Fort Myers Beach and settle in for the next 8 weeks. 

Turtle Beach

Happy Wife in Florida

Another Beautiful Sunset

Siesta Key Beach

J. Dawg on Turtle Beach in December


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