Saturday, January 31, 2015

What is the RV Lifestyle?

As a blogger and blog reader, I read some blogs that write about the RV Lifestyle.  Most of these bloggers tend to write about their travels, what they're doing, or what they've learned.  And they all write really good stuff.  But its mostly practical and not philosophical.  Few actually put a definition on what the RV Lifestyle is.  One talks about getting out there, seeing the country.  Some seem to infer that's its constant traveling in an RV.  Some write about how they live full time in a RV.  But not many actually write about what the RV Lifestyle actually is.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

San Carlos RV Resort - My Florida Winter Home

We've been spending the past month at San Carlos RV Resort in Fort Myers Beach, FL.  We're here for two months.  This will be our third year staying at San Carlos and its now become our favorite winter roost.  The RV park is relatively small and is about a mile from Fort Myers Beach.  Its situated right before the large "sky bridge" that goes over to Estero Island.  The location makes it easy to walk or ride a bike to stores, restaurants, and the beach

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Living in a Small RV - Parked for The First Month

We're at San Carlos RV Park in Fort Myers Beach and have just about completed the first month of stay put living in our small RV.  Its the longest we've ever stayed parked in one place.  In a nut shell, so far so good.  We're still married, still mostly sane, still talking, nobody's been hurt, and we're having a pretty good time.  It took a little time to find our groove, but we've settled in and developed our routines.  I think it's working out.  Here's some observations.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I'm Not a Camper. I'm an RVer

I'm not a camper.  I'm and RVer.  I heard this phrase recently while listening to a podcast and it struck a chord with me.  The person who said it, (Nick Russell of the Gypsy Journal) was talking about what he does while living full time in his motorhome.  According to Nick, RVer's don't sit around the camp fire and sing Cumbaya.  RVer's are in their motorhomes or trailers cooking, using the internet, and watching TV.  I wrote this as I sat in my air conditioned Winnebago motorhome, listening to satellite radio, and bogging on the internet.  I'm definitely an RVer.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Sanibel Sunday

The last time we visited Sanibel Island, it was overcast and cool.  We didn't have ideal beach or photo conditions and it left me wanting to go back on a better day.  So, this year I waited for the holiday crowds to thin out and for some ideal weather.  We got both this past Sunday.  With an early start we unhooked the RV and drove the short six miles over the bridge and causeway to spend the day at Sanibel Island.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Scenes from Fort Myers Beach

It's rated as one of the top snowbird destinations.  Its casual and summery.  Its got plenty of beach side bars and eateries - places you can walk in with bare feet wearing just your swim suit.  Its got large public beach sections with nice facilities.  Its popular with families and snowbirds.  The beach is flat, great for walking and people watching.  All the things I like about Fort Myers Beach.