Saturday, January 10, 2015

I'm Not a Camper. I'm an RVer

I'm not a camper.  I'm and RVer.  I heard this phrase recently while listening to a podcast and it struck a chord with me.  The person who said it, (Nick Russell of the Gypsy Journal) was talking about what he does while living full time in his motorhome.  According to Nick, RVer's don't sit around the camp fire and sing Cumbaya.  RVer's are in their motorhomes or trailers cooking, using the internet, and watching TV.  I wrote this as I sat in my air conditioned Winnebago motorhome, listening to satellite radio, and bogging on the internet.  I'm definitely an RVer.

Many years ago, I used to be a camper.  I started out as a camper spending my vacations living in a tent, enjoying the outside, sitting by a fire, and cooking outside.  I owned several tents over the years.  But, I'm not a camper anymore.  Maybe its the passage of time.  Maybe its all the conveniences.  Maybe I just got lazy.  But now I'm an RVer.  And I'm not alone.  More people are buying RV's (sales of these vehicles are increasing) and doing what I'm doing. So, what distinguished me as an RVer?  Here's my list.
  • I don't sleep on the ground under the stars. I sleep in a bed under the AC.
  • I don't cook on an open fire. I cook on a stove or in the microwave.
  • I don't watch the stars.  I watch TV.
  • I don't set up camp.  I park the RV and plug in.
  • I don't bathe in a river or take a cold bucket show.  I wash in my shower.
  • I don't look at the sky for the weather.  I check my smartphone.
  • I don't swat flies.  I surf the web.
  • I don't sit on a log. I sit on a leather couch or recliner.
I still get to see many of the same great natural views and see many beautiful places.  I still take hikes, sit by lakes, and enjoy the outside.  I just do it with an RV near by.

Is this all bad?  I don't think so.  I've been in both worlds.  I like camping and I like RVing.  Its just a different way of doing the same thing.  And, I suppose a person could be both a camper and an RVer. But for me, things changed and now I'm an RVer.

How about you?  Are you a camper or an RVer?

J. Dawg warming his feet by the "fire" (courtesy of the Flame On App)


  1. I am a full timer, and it really bugs me when people refer to my lovely little rolling home as a "camper." As with you, there is little about it that resembles a "camper" aside from the fact that it can park near a campsite, and has a tent stowed in the outside storage bin. ;-) Love the fireside app.

    1. Thanks Suzanne. The Flame On app gets a good laugh.

  2. At this point, I am a hoteler. After a week of rain in a tent and 3 vomiting children..said tent was burned in effigy while husband who wanted to stayed married found us a hotel. I have been a cabiner but is really was just a wee bit less than a hotel. It had a bathroom and kitchenette. But we often joke as an RV passes, "There goes out next house." Would love to do what your doing. Someday.

    1. Linda,
      Sounds like you could write a good story about that tenting experience. I've been on the receiving end of a similar ultimatum. Luckily she didn't burn the tent. Just took the kids and left me in the woods for a week. But she's adjusted to being an RVer.