Friday, January 2, 2015

Scenes from Fort Myers Beach

It's rated as one of the top snowbird destinations.  Its casual and summery.  Its got plenty of beach side bars and eateries - places you can walk in with bare feet wearing just your swim suit.  Its got large public beach sections with nice facilities.  Its popular with families and snowbirds.  The beach is flat, great for walking and people watching.  All the things I like about Fort Myers Beach.

The RV park where I'm staying for the winter (San Carlos RV Park) is a mile from the beach.  I've been biking over a few times a week and just hanging out.  Its definitely the easy life.  We got here just prior to the Christmas holiday and the beach has been packed with holiday vacationers.  Here's some pictures of what it looks like.  No spectacular shots - just some images to show what it's like.

Lynn Hall Memorial Park

Bowditch Park

Nemos on the Beach (my favorite beach bar)

Walking on Fort Myers Beach

Here's a short video of Fort Myers Beach that I put together.

So far, we're enjoying our stay.  The weather has been great.  It's been in the 80's during the day and down in the 60's at night.  I've been wearing shorts and tee shirts each day since we got here.  Not bad for December.

Hopefully, the crowds will thin out after New Years.  We have yet to get over to Sanibel and also want to take a trip on the Express Ferry down to Key West.  We'll be posting more updates, so stay tuned.

J. Dawg with Santa Mon


  1. For me Edison museum is a must see, where Edison and Ford where neighbors.

  2. Great post! Wish we were there. If you'd like to check out some beautiful beaches with a more rustic feel near there during your stay, try Lover's Key State Park (just south of Ft Myers Beach), and our all time favorite, Delnor-Wiggins State Park in North Naples.

  3. Nice video. Did Anne screen all the bikini shots? Well to be fair there were a fair number of gut shots as well. Looks and sounds wonderful. Where off to now?

    1. Bikinis and Bear Bellies are just a couple of the hazards in shooting beach scenes. You get the good with the bad, but someone has to do it. We're in stay put mode for the next several weeks.

  4. Oh, thank you finding Nemo...he has been lost a long time.

    1. He's an ocean creature. Understandable that he as a place by the water. ;)