Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were close friends.  In 1886, Edison built a winter residence in Fort Myers, FL.  Henry Ford bought a house that was next door to Edison's in 1916.  The families spent time together fishing, boating, and exploring southwest Florida.

The estates are open to the public.  There are the houses, gardens, a museum, and a laboratory on the grounds.  We spent a day visiting them while staying in Fort Myers Beach.  The houses and estate grounds are lovely and worth visiting.  They are set along 13 acres fronting the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers.  The web site for the estates is here Edison Ford Winter Estates.

Here's a video slide show I put together of the pictures I took on our visit.  You can click on the Full Screen bracket in the lower right hand corner of the video (next to the YouTube logo) to see a full screen version of the video.


  1. This a great place, historic and educational.

  2. Did you know that when Edison first purchased this property he did so with an old school chum. They worked, invented together and built homes here. Until there was a falling out about which direction to take their efforts next. They parted badly and Edison, who took holding a grudge to the next level, bought surrounding property and this man's house and had it torn down. He also had his name removed from anything he was able to. Saw an interesting documentary on Edison a couple months back. This is never mentioned, not even here. Sorry don't remember the chap's name, not well known.

    1. Interesting info. I didn't see that mentioned while we were there.