Friday, February 27, 2015

Hello Texas!

We're about to start the roadtrip part of our winter sojourn.  One of the things I like about spending the winter in Florida is that it's an easy launching point for a spring trip to the south west.  The RV is already outfitted and ready to roll from our winter stay.  It's only three days of easy driving to get to the west Texas Hill Country from St. Augustine.  And spring time (March) is a great time to visit west Texas.

On this roadtrip, we'll be re-visiting some places we went last year that we really enjoyed - Florida's Forgotten Coast, the Texas Hill Country, and Big Bend National Park.  We'll be driving less and staying longer.

We depart St. Augustine on February 28th.  The map below highlights our route.

Our itinerary is as follows;
  • 5 days in the Florida Panhandle at Grayton Beach State Park and St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.
  • 2 days in the Cajun Prairie
  • 4 days in the Texas Hill Country at Fredericksburg, TX
  • 2 days in Marathon, TX
  • 5 days at Big Bend National Park
  • Visits to Davis Mountain State Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park
We revisiting many places we stayed last year because we really liked them and wanted to return and spend more time in these places.  We'll also see some new places.

Stay tuned.  We'll be posting updates as we progress on the trip.


  1. Safe travels, sounds like a great adventure!

  2. Did or are you going into Mexico or right at the border? From the map it is hard for me to see.

    1. At Big Bend National Park, you can cross (e.g. wade) the Rio Grande and go over to Mexico. We did that last year and will probably do it again. There's a little town ( Boquillas) on the other side.