Monday, March 16, 2015

Return to Boquillas Del Carmen Mexico

Boquillas Del Carmen
Boquillas Crossing
We're camped (more like parked) about 500 ft from the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park.  Mexico dominates the view from my windshield.  Today we drove about a mile down the road, parked, and crossed the river to the little village of Boquillas Del Carmen.  We did this last year when were here and really enjoyed the visit.  You can read my blog post about that trip here - Boquillas Del Carmen.  Its a fun day trip to take while in Big Bend.

The small border crossing is no frills.  Just check in with the Park Service agent at the Border Crossing to make sure you've got your passport and then walk down a path to the river and hail a boat.  Easy peasy.  The locals are all super friendly.  On the Mexico side of the river you get greeted (Hola Amigo!) and assigned a guide.  We bypassed the burro's and opted for a pickup ride into town.  Many of the locals don't speak English but they seem to understand what you want or need.  I won't bother repeating what I wrote about last year and just focus on some of the new stuff we did.

Local "taxi" stand
Things a have improved for Boquillas.  The new border crossing has been opened for two years now and more people are crossing over.  The town just got electricity from a new solar array.  Many of the houses are now electrified, there's street lights, and some places have satellite TV.  The little one room school has 28 students.  The town is still small with a third world feel but the businesses seem to be doing better.

Main Street Boquillas

We just took a slow stroll through town with our guide, Adreano and stopped and chatted with a some of the vendors.  I got to use some of my limited Spanish (Habla Espanol poquito) The place hasn't changed much other than the new street lights and a few more people selling stuff.  Anne did a little shopping to help the local economy.

We had a great lunch at Jose Falcon's restaurant.  The owner, Lilla - Jose's daughter, did a great job making us feel welcome.  The food is delicious and prices are inexpensive.  Here's what Anne and I had for lunch.

J. Dawg's Poquito Beef Tacos

Wife's Burrito Grande
View from Jose Falcon's - The Rio Grande with the USA in the background

Here are some more pictures from our visit.

J. Dawg with our guide Adreano

Wife with Adreano and his Mom
Getting ready to cross back to the USA
We had a very good visit.  We were gone about 3 hours.  Visiting Boquillas Del Carmen is well worth doing if you're in Big Bend.

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